Jane Austen College ranked in top 5% nationally for Times Table skills

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November 18th 2022



Students in Year 7 and 8 at Jane Austen College took part in Times Table RockStars (TTRS) last month and ranked in the 5% of schools in England for their incredible times table skills. The students came first in the Inspiration Trust category, ranked 12th in the ‘Secondary Schools in England’ category and were named top secondary school in the East of England!

The National 'England Rocks' Competition challenges maths classes to answer the most questions within a fixed time period, with schools from all across England taking part. 

Jane Austen College has been using TTRS for three years, an online tool that improves pupils’ speed and accuracy in recalling their times tables, an essential skill to free up working memory, as well as develop their confidence.

Maths challenges frequently take place throughout the academic year, with students battling to answer the most times table questions in a week. Students can keep their position in these battles when they log into TTRS or on the TTRS display board in the Atrium at Jane Austen College. This display board also features the leaderboard for 'Most Minutes' played in the whole school.

Anna Burton, Teacher of Maths and Calculation Coordinator at Jane Austen College said:

“We are so incredibly proud of the contributions and achievements of the Year 7 and Year 8 students who took part in the competition, and we are so lucky to have them representing the school. 

In the competition there were some stand-out achievements, with students representing the school and making us all really proud. After day one of the competition, the 7F class were placed 174th which was in the top 0.2% of the country. By the end of the competition 7F came 202nd, which is in the top 0.7% of the country. Alongside this, 8E, 7D and 8C all finished in the top 4.4% of the country. 

Well done to all the students that took part, keep rocking and answering all those times table questions!”