We monitor attendance on a daily basis and will speak to you if we have concerns about your attendance level.

You are expected to attend all of your timetabled lessons, tutor time and any additional sessions. Attendance should not drop below 97%; your tutor will inform you if attendance drops to 95%. If a high or persistent absence is noted your parents/carers will be invited to meet the heads of sixth form and your place at Jane Austen College may be reviewed. If you need time off school please complete an absence request form. Please do not book driving lessons during the school day. 

If you are ill or delayed please let us know as soon as possible by emailing our Jane Austen College Sixth Form address:

Requests for absence during term time

Holidays in term time will only be authorised in extreme circumstances and we urge parents not to take students out of school in term time. If requests do need to be made, a form can be obtained from the heads of sixth form.

University open days, college days, and interviews 

We support students attending events which encourage their learning the future progress, such as university open days, higher education events and educational activities. If you wish to attend an event please inform the heads of sixth form who will be able to authorise your attendance to the event.

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