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Our aim is to enable students to develop a toolkit which enables them to interconnect the different branches of Mathematics. Students become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics ready for the work environment, further study and training.


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Author Interview - Rosemary Russell:

We recently had the privilege to speak with Dr Rosemary Russell who is an expert in parental engagement with mathematics and developing mathematical resilience.

She was kind enough to let us pose some key questions to her about how to best support your child with maths at home.

Rosemary is brilliant at giving small and simple tips that we all can do to help our students feel more positive and confident with maths alongside those who are supporting them at home, and you will be pleased to hear that none of it involves you spending your precious free time doing maths lessons again.

Here is the key advise she has given us in response to our questions. 

Rosemary Russell Interview Video

If you are interested in learning more about Rosemary key tips, we have copies of her most recent book that we can lend out to parents and guardians for free. They are short books with to-the-point advise that everyone can benefit from.

Please just fill in the google form below to let us know you'd like to read one and we will arrange for one to get to you.

"I'd like to borrow a book" form



If a student is struggling to complete their maths homework at home, we run an afternoon club called 'Maths Minutes' which allows students to come along for however long they need to get support and access to a device to do any questions they are stuck on. They do not need to stay for the full hour, they can leave as soon as they are happy with the questions that they needed help with. Please see the information poster below for details of days and times.

Maths Minutes Homework Club