The JAC Way

To achieve outstanding behaviour, we maintain high expectation within an environment that promotes a positive culture. We support pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour and ensure that they can learn in a calm, safe and supportive environment. We have clear routines throughout our college day.

“The consistence of these routines across the school help pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs to manage their emotions well as they know what to expect. All of this ensures that the highest standards are maintained” Ofsted May 2024

At Jane Austen College we…

  • Arrive on time to lessons and enter the classroom in silence. Upon arrival, stand behind your chair and unpack quickly.
  • Have the correct equipment and wear the correct uniform in every lesson.
  • Sit down in silence when the teacher says to do so and start the recap whilst the teacher completes the register. 
  • Present all work neatly and accurately, following the school rules for presentation. 
  • Give the speaker your full attention. This means listening attentively on 3, 2, 1.
  • Follow instructions the first time you are asked and remain polite and respectful at all times.
  • Speak so everyone can hear you by projecting your voice and speaking clearly. 
  • Engage fully with reading tasks and use your reading ruler to track the text where needed. 
  • Pack away in silence when instructed to at the end of the lesson and stand behind your chairs ready to be dismissed row by row.
  • Move quickly and calmly to your next lesson, walking on the left of the corridor.

Why? Because it’s the JAC Way!