Student Conduct

Although our sixth form does have a ‘university-like’ feel, and we encourage independence, as we are a place of work and study, the sixth form does have high expectations of student conduct. 


Our dress code

Our standards are high at Jane Austen College. This applies to work ethic and effort, and also presentation and appearance for all students. It is important to maintain high standards of personal appearance; the sixth form is a place of study and work and our dress code reflects that. We expect all sixth form students to dress in casual office-style attire, this includes appropriate hairstyling, makeup and jewelry. If you choose to wear excessive makeup or jewelry you may be asked to remove it. Facial piercings should be kept to a minimum. Tattoos should not be visible.

To guide your choices, the following clothing should not be worn irrespective of gender including gender neutral students: 

  • cropped tops; a top is defined as cropped if it reveals the abdomen, lower back and/ waist and cannot be tucked securely into a waistband
  • low-cut tops, backless or strapless tops, or tops that reveal underwear
  • fishnet tights
  • leggings if worn without a skirt, tunic or dress
  • short skirts, short dresses or short shorts; hemlines should fall roughly to the knee
  • split skirts; a skirt split is too high if it reaches above mid thigh
  • Tracksuits, jogging bottoms and similar sports attire are allowed but should be smart and well fitted; overly baggy or loose fitting apparel is not permitted 
  • clothing items with wording, slogans or symbols that are inappropriate or may cause offense are also not to be worn.

There are certain clothing rules based on the health and safety requirements of the school 

  • flip flops should not be worn 
  • shoes with a high heel should not be worn.

It is the right of all members of staff at the school to determine whether a particular item of dress, make-up or jewelry is appropriate for the sixth form or not. Should you arrive inappropriately dressed you will be spoken to and, if necessary, your parents will be informed. Students who are not considered by staff to be dressed according to this policy may be asked to go home and change if a warning has previously been given by a member of staff.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are only to be used for educational purposes. Your teacher may request that you use your mobile phone in class-time for recording key dates and reminders. Please speak to a teacher first if you would like to record a deadline on your mobile phone. Otherwise, phones should not be used in lessons.


Personal laptops and tablets

You may bring in your own laptop or tablet for use in lessons or to study (where such usage is appropriate). Your form tutor will let you know the login details for accessing Wi­Fi in the building. Please bear in mind that on some occasions your teachers may need you to handwrite your work or notes; on these occasions, it would not be appropriate to use a laptop or tablet.


Leaving the site

Students may also leave the site during social time or free periods, as long as they are not required to stay for study support. Students must swipe their card on entering and exiting the building so they are not putting others at risk in the case of a fire. 


Food and drink

Food and drink should not be consumed in classrooms or corridors. It is not appropriate to bring hot drinks to lessons and carry them in corridors. Chewing gum should also not be brought onto the premises. Food and drink can be consumed in the refectory and sixth form common room.


Respecting the sixth form environment

It goes without saying that students should respect the sixth form environment and keep it free from litter. The common room should be kept clean and tidy. Any plates taken from the refectory should be returned promptly.