Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Jane Austen College

At Jane Austen College, excellence is our hallmark. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where every pupil can thrive. We are an outstanding community school dedicated to widening the world of every single one of our pupils, both academically and culturally to ensure they achieve their absolute best.

This is reflected in our values: Be kind, work hard and take responsibility.

Here are selected key highlights that set us apart:

1.      Exceptional Teaching and Learning: Our dedicated team is passionate about inspiring young minds. From innovative teaching methods to personalised support, we ensure that every pupil reaches their full potential.

2.      High Academic Standards: The college consistently achieves outstanding results in national examinations. Our rigorous curriculum inspires critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.

3.      Holistic Development: We understand that education is more than academics. Beyond academics, we focus on character development, emotional intelligence, and physical well-being.

4.      Inclusive Community: At the college, diversity is celebrated. We foster an inclusive environment where pupils from various backgrounds learn, collaborate, and grow together.

5.      Strong Parent-Teacher Partnership: We believe that education is a joint effort. Regular communication with parents ensures that we work together to support each child’s progress.

6.      Extended Day: Recognising that learning does not stop at the end of the school day, we offer enriching after-school activities. From STEM clubs to performing arts workshops, our electives program provides opportunities for growth and exploration.

Join us at Jane Austen College and be part of an extraordinary educational journey!

Glen Allott