Success for Jane Austen College students

August 28th 2019

Jane Austen College students achieve 75% 9-4 pass rate in English and Maths in the college's first ever set of GCSE results.

Following the incredible results at Jane Austen college, we have spoken with a few of the students to see how they were feeling after receiving their results and what they had planned for the future.

Hannah Berry who achieved a fantastic 10 x 9s, 2 x 8s and an A* was "pleasantly surprised" with her results. She plans to do A Levels in Maths, Chemistry, History and Physics and is thinking about a career in Medicine.

Conall Charnley who received 3 x 9s, 4 x 8s, 3 x 7s and an A was delighted with his results. Conall plans to study A Levels in Maths, Computer Science and History.

Molly Payne with a fantastic 5 x 9s, 3 x 8s, 3 x 7s and an A is ''so happy''. Molly wants to continue her education at Jane Austen College Sixth Form and study English Literature, Drama and History.

Nathan Whitty gained 4 x 9s, 8 x 8s, 7, 6 and a B and is thinking about a career in Sports Science after he completes A Levels at Sir Isaac Newton.

Following the incredible success of our students and the first GCSE results for Jane Austen College, our extremely proud principal, David Thomas said;

“We are incredibly proud of our students for achieving a wonderful first set of results for Jane Austen College. The headline result of 75% passing English and Maths is one of the best in Norwich, and is well above the national average. Behind that headline are huge individual successes, including 81 Grade 9s. Aside from great exam results they have achieved success in their contribution to the community, their charitable fundraising, the quality of their artwork and performances. We are excited to see what they will achieve in their next steps in life.”