Social Sciences



Social sciences offer new subjects to most students in post-16 education. They open students’ minds to the world around them to see ideas beyond the typical GCSE curriculum. In an increasingly complex world, all three of our subjects offer students the ability to gain a clearer understanding of society.

We enable students to think critically about evidence and use it to create compelling arguments. Subject content is current and enlightening, and aims to help students understand the world. We have many students who pick our subjects as a third subject but then go onto to study it at university.

Sixth form curriculum:

Law Units

  1. We start by looking at principles of law in England and Wales

  2. Tort Law (Paper 2)

  3. Criminal Law (Paper 1)

  4. Human Rights Law (Paper 3)

  5. Return to principles of law for the most difficult content (Law and morality)


Politics Units

  1. Teacher 1 teaches UK Politics modules

  2. Teacher 2 teaches Political Ideologies

  3. In Year 2, both teachers teach US Politics. Teacher 2 focuses upon the Comparative element whilst Teacher 1 focuses upon content


Sociology Units

  1. Teacher 1 teaches Families and Households

  2. Teacher 2 teaches Education. This should take until Christmas

  3. In Spring 1, both teachers teach Research methods

  4. In Spring 2 and Summer, both teachers teach Beliefs in Society

  5. In Autumn, both teachers teach Crime and Deviance

  6. In Spring 1, Teacher 1 teaches Advanced Theory and Methods. Teacher 2 revises first year content

  7. In Spring 2 and Summer 1, both teachers revise first year content