Ofsted Information

In May 2024 Jane Austen College and Jane Austen College Sixth Form received an overall judgement of Outstanding from Ofsted.

Ofsted commended the college’s dedication to the care and wellbeing of pupils, including the prioritising of positive mental health practices, commenting: 

“Pupils’ experience at Jane Austen is characterised by highly warm and positive relationships. There is always someone to talk to who will listen and help. Pupils really value the extensive range of pastoral support on offer, including for mental health”.

We foster a passion for learning among pupils, encouraging them to cultivate a lifelong love for knowledge. Ofsted recognised this saying: 

“The school has the highest level of academic ambition for all. An exceptionally high number of pupils enter subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate and achieve highly.”

Jane Austen College takes pride in being an English and humanities specialist school. As such, reading is a priority, with time dedicated each morning to reading for pleasure, or personalised reading and literacy support, nurturing a lifelong passion for literature and learning. 

“Reading is promoted extensively. Pupils read widely and understand why this is important.”

The college is dedicated to enhancing learning beyond the classroom, offering a diverse and well-rounded set of wider enrichment opportunities for all pupils. Ofsted acknowledged this, saying:   

“All pupils benefit from a wealth of enrichment that is built into the school day, such as choir. Almost all talents and interests are catered for by an extensive programme of ‘electives’.”

‘The JAC Way’ has been developed to instil values of respect, dedication and accountability. These values guide the actions and the decisions of both pupils and staff every day. Ofsted praised this philosophy, commenting that:   

“Pupils develop their knowledge and character exceptionally well. Staff have the highest expectations about what pupils should achieve. Pupils meet these expectations as they get the support, they need to live up to them. This is because this is the ‘JAC Way’, where everyone is kind, hardworking and responsible.”